ENULEC was awarded

Gravure Operational Innovation:  ENULEC GmbH

Fully realized by 2014, ENULEC makes gravure history with their ESA Integration to the main machine press control (PLC) of not one, but all three major European OEM Gravure presses.

For years the global market leading gravure press manufacturers from Germany (Windmöller & Hölscher) and Italy (Bobst – Rotomec ,Cerutti and Uteco) have relied on the performance of Enulec’s innovative ESA and discharge systems. The main reasons being that Enulec’s system ensures the highest standard of effectiveness, production safety, and an economic print and finishing operation. New technologies are continually developed in close cooperation with above mentioned manufacturers and research institutes to improve efficiency and operator friendliness of the gravure printing presses. For this reason, machine manufacturers decided to exclusively integrate electrostatic products from Enulec into their PLC (programmable logic controller).